5 Ways How AI Impacts Social Media Marketing

Mr Ash Mufareh
3 min readJun 9, 2020

One of the main things that will be inevitably affected by the rise of Artificial intelligence is social media. It is now an integral part of our everyday lives, and almost every internet users have at least one social media account. So the main question that arises in consumers, marketers, content creators and all the stakeholders is that how will AI affect social media?

Let us what impact that artificial intelligence has on social media marketing:

1. Visuals

Almost all social media platforms are visual. Several reports say that millennials are more interested in imagery than a bundle of text. AI-powered applications and recognition tools will help marketers collect and work on a bunch of actionable insights to learn and interpret the shift in user behavior pattern through millions of posts on social media.

Provided a large number of images, picture and videos being posted and uploaded on every occasion, AI will help brands and marketers to build compelling imagery that attracts customers to visit a particular brand.

2. Social Insights

With the help of AI-powered tools, businesses can gain insights from the social media profiles and audience relating to a particular brand. This often involves harnessing the power of AI to analyze several social media post at once, understand what’s being conveyed, then gathering insights based on that information.

That data, when properly applied allows AI-powered social media tools to help businesses track the global brand equity. It is also easy to find rising consumer trends, identify new audiences to target, keep an eye on brand reputation, and identify promising new ventures for social media promotion.

3. Discovering Experiences

Social media marketing is all about creating a good relationship with consumers. The search function is highly dependent on the posts and videos being uploaded on social media on a daily basis.

With over 70 million posts uploaded on a social media platform every day, it creates a massive database by adding hash tags and trending information. AI offers relevant images and posts to users about their favorite activities, experiences, events, eateries etc.

4. Enhanced Transparency

The number of people using private social media platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat has surpassed the number of people using other public social media platforms like Facebook, Quora or Twitter.

This is mainly because of the loss of trust in public social media platforms, and users are sick and tired of being harassed, judged and bullied online. Moreover, people are also concerned about the company’s ability to manipulate consumer behaviors.

AI will help social media platforms handle these issues and also offer the most abundant source of consumer information to ensure people get a safe, smooth and secure experience.

5. Social Media Advertising

Several social networks offer marketers an unprecedented ability to perform paid ads to the platform with the help of demographic and behavioral targeting. But marketers still need to create content and be ad creative…or do they?

Artificial intelligence tools today are powerful enough to actually write Facebook and Instagram ads for you. The ads can be optimized for clicks and conversions. With the help of AI, you can gain powerful insights into your audience and deliver the right and personalized ad that grabs their attention.

Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning are one of the trending topics we have going on these days. With the rapidly growing technological advancements, we are pretty sure that AI, ML and other of these technologies will have a significant effect on our daily lives eventually. They are going to change the way we see and communicate with the world, in addition to that; several experts believe that AI will have a significant impact on our way of thinking too.



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