7 Ways eCommerce Marketers Can Take Help From Artificial Intelligence

AI is the hottest technology that is used by businesses around the globe to market their products and services via their eCom platforms. The brands are presently going from being reactive to proactive, and Artificial Intelligence is what helping companies across the globe achieve their purpose.

AI technology can help businesses with various features such as business Intel and insights, analytics, intelligent voice assistants, VR and AR, and customer service, customer lifecycle prediction, and automation. The bundle of features, including all the features, will bring a fantastic experience to customers and enhance their loyalty towards the brand. All this is possible with AI technology. In the following section, we will take a look at how eCom marketers can exploit the AI platform and seek more revenue. We have listed specific ways of how Artificial Intelligence will make the eCom space more beneficial and improve customer experience.

Here are the ways how AI technology is assisting eCom marketers

The ways can be broadly classified into two main categories: Intel/Analytics and VR/AR customer service. The AI technology easily influences both the types and help eCom marketers and customers in a way they would have never imagined. First, let’s consider Intel and Analytics as the broad category.

Intel and Analytics

1. Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics is the base of all other analytics categories. This category more has to do with what happened at a specific time. The tools provide various metrics based on which we can analyze if the performance of our business was favorable or not.

2. Diagnostic analytics

However, diagnostic analytics let us know why the results came that way. This allows eCom marketers to take preventive actions and corrective measures to make changes in marketing tactics and strategies.

3. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics leverage data mining, data modeling, and statistical models to predict future outcomes. By analyzing the historical datasets, the algorithms will find a pattern and tell us how the outcome can be predicted in the following period.

4. Time Series Forecast

Time-series forecasting determines what could happen in the specific week, month, quarter, or year. Using this method, the machine can take historical inputs and predict future outcomes.

5. Channel Selection

With AI technology, eCom marketers can know what channels to use to sell their products and services and what channels to discard altogether. The intelligent analysis based on Artificial Intelligence technology can specifically tell marketers what channel promotes more to improve sales performance.

Voice, VR/AR, and Customer Service

6. Virtual assistants

eCom marketers can utilize virtual assistance feature and engage with customers more effectively and solve any queries as and when they arise. In fact, studies have shown that tech-savvy customers don’t want to talk to humans directly and would prefer to resolve their queries via intelligent virtual assistant bots. Also, the bot provided 24/7 customer support. Therefore, it doesn’t where your customers are from and what time they prefer to reach out to you.

7.Voice search

Among the thousands of products that are listed, it could be difficult for customers to navigate and find the right product. Thus, voice search is another AI-based powerful tool that can be used to solve their product selection.


Artificial Intelligence technology has augmented the ecom business and has made it attractive to the people who were reluctant to use the platform for their shopping needs. More eCom companies are adopting AI to promote, sell, optimize, and delight customers with real-time support. Artficial Intelligence has made the progress that none other technology could do to help eCom marketers in a big way.

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