Artificial Intelligence is entirely taking over sales. Is this just a talk, or will it happen shortly? We say that AI will undoubtedly take the marketing and sales world by storm over the coming years.

You must have also heard that AI-powered robots will rule the job market through 2025…

Modern Digital Marketers Seeking the Help of AI-driven Email Marketing Solutions

Artificial intelligence is steadily transforming the way marketing is being done nowadays. However, the actual effect of this smart technology hasn’t indeed been observed by most businesses. Rest guaranteed that the wave of AI transformations is indeed occurring. AI…

How Important is Artificial Intelligence for Sales Professionals

The intertwining of artificial intelligence in our daily lives is becoming significantly evident, from getting driving directions to product recommendations on shopping sites. While AI doesn’t fully take on human jobs, it automates significant business tasks. AI’s capability to use historical data, algorithms, and machine learning to forecast business outcomes…

What is ONPASSIVE and What Role GoFounders Plays in Its Success?

Original article was published on Ash Mufareh

ONPASSIVE is an online platform for providing complete business automation solutions created, developed, and maintained by in-house developers.

The company was founded by Ash Mufareh and launched in the year 2018. Ash Mufareh has visualized the concept of ONPASSIVE, keeping current market trends…

TikTok is a well-known trendsetter mobile app that gained huge viewer attention within an impossible less time frame. This blazing video-sharing app enables the users to create fifteen-second videos and share it on multiple other social media platforms. The success of TikTok seems to be a massive storm hit on…

ONPASSIVE — Ash Mufareh Reviews

“You only have one thing in life: to do what you believe in. If you are able to do this, persistently, firmly, not giving up, you will have no problem. Whoever has to go and go doesn’t look sideways; he just watches the road because he has learned that only that matters! ”

Ash Mufareh, Thank you

Source: ONPASSIVE Review — Mr. Ash Mufareh, Thank you

Ash Mufareh reviews

Dear Beloved Community,

The Founder of Humanity First once quoted,’ Swords can win territories but not hearts, Force can bend heads but not minds. The world would be a peaceful place if the people realized this and act upon such a principle. I would like to take this opportunity to pray and honor the brave and innocent people who sacrificed their lives in the course of duty. May God instill peace in our hearts and prevent further catastrophe to the human race.

Also thank you Mr. Ash Mufareh, The Tech team, the founders, the volunteers and the essential workforce who are making various sacrifices to benefit humanity. Kudos to the people with brave and beautiful hearts.

Source: Thank you Mr Ash Mufareh, The Founder of Humanity

Ash Mufareh Review, Ash Mufareh Reviews

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is infiltrating in almost all the industries; one of the best areas where AI has shown its full capabilities is in banking applications like Customer Risk scoring and Fraud Analysis. The fame of AI in the area of decision making has increased with the introduction of data…

One of the main things that will be inevitably affected by the rise of Artificial intelligence is social media. It is now an integral part of our everyday lives, and almost every internet users have at least one social media account. …

The potential for computerized reasoning (AI) and AI in the medicinal services industry is extensive. In any case, understanding this potential isn’t ensured. …

Mr Ash Mufareh

Ash Mufareh’s AI technology is a pioneering technology in the business landscape.

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