5 Benefits of conducting Artificial Intelligence-based Modern Meetings

modern meetings with ai

There are several humongous benefits for using Artificial Intelligence for conducting modern-day meetings. Your modern meetings are not the same anymore with artificial intelligence technology. Humans are taken away from the original agenda often in the traditional meeting sessions. As a result, they aren’t productive for decision making, and this could result in incorrect decisions affecting the stakeholders of the organizations. However, with the advent of the new technology and adoption of it, today, meetings can be more focused, optimized, and productive.

How can Artificial Intelligence influence modern meetings?

Artificial Intelligence brings a whole new paradigm to conventional meetings and turns them into modern meetings. The technology helps the meetings take place completely virtually and yet be more productive than the physical meets. With the AI-based meeting software, you can’t miss the information that you could miss if you’re typically in a completely virtual meeting. Nevertheless, AI technology has advanced so much that modern meetings are more effective and easier than traditional physical meetings. You’ll read more about the exact benefits of modern meeting with AI here. To be more precise, you’ll know five reasons why modern meeting is the way to go forward. Read on to learn more about it.

Here’s how AI helps keep team meetings productive

Reason 1: Focus of agenda

Modern meetings are more productive as the agenda is more focused with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. Meeting platforms are laced with AI technology that helps the participants and the moderators to stay concentrated on the agenda based on the previous discussions and decisions.

Reason 2: AI Analytics for modern meetings

Bad meetings are frustrating and aren’t effective at all to the stakeholders. You have hours of discussion and still end up nowhere. This is because the previous meeting notes would be not pretty accurate to carry on the discussions. However, the Artificial Intelligence Analytics will be able to track the insights of the previous meetings and set the next modern meeting’s agenda. This helps in planning and optimizing the resources better.

Reason 3: Virtual assistants for modern meetings with Artificial Intelligence

Today, meetings are not just happening physically but also over the internet. There are several software that offer meeting platforms and allow the participants to form a team and set the schedule. But with AI, the modern meetings have gone a step further. Companies like Amazon have already introduced Alexa for business, which acts as the virtual assistant, which can be accessed by all the participants.

By assigning the rights permissions, the meeting participants can ask questions about the previous sessions and get accurate answers to come at the present meeting session. To go a step ahead, the AI software can also act as a proxy for other people who are busy to attend the meeting and not miss any information.

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