What is ONPASSIVE and What Role GoFounders Plays in Its Success?

What is ONPASSIVE and What Role GoFounders Plays in Its Success?

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ONPASSIVE is an online platform for providing complete business automation solutions created, developed, and maintained by in-house developers.

The company was founded by Ash Mufareh and launched in the year 2018. Ash Mufareh has visualized the concept of ONPASSIVE, keeping current market trends, and upcoming business needs in mind. He is an online business genius who believes everyone has equal rights to access tools and services to compete in this evolving online industry.

When many companies do not survive because either they are not present or not active online, ONPASSIVE makes it easy for small scale businesses by taking their businesses online and establishing a brand presence.

At the same time, ONPASSIVE helps its registered members (founders) to earn lifetime residual income through its unique and innovative compensation plan accompanied by the Spill-over feature. The objective of having a compensation plan is to empower every founder to become financially secure and get freedom from financial worries. Registered members don’t only earn a commission to remain active on the platform but also earn for someone who has been enrolled by someone else.

How GoFounders support ONPASSIVE’s founders?

Ash Mufareh launched GoFounders along with ONPASSIVE to provide a back-office for online registration of members and team-building activities. It can be considered as the gateway to becoming one of the founders on the ONPASSIVE platform.

Interested members either receive invitations or visit the GoFounders Website directly to register on the GoFounders website. Members joining through invitation get placed under the person who sent the invitation, but if the members join directly, then they get allocated randomly under top founders in the Leaderboard.

Currently, the strength of the GoFounders community is more than 69,000, and it’s still growing at an incremental rate.

Features of GoFounders:

ONPASSIVE and GoFounders work hand-in-hand to provide a completely hands-free experience of doing business. These platforms together provide automated business activities, technologically enhanced tools, a team-building platform, and a lifetime financial freedom.

Ash Mufareh’s AI technology is a pioneering technology in the business landscape.